Privacy and cookies

According to European legislation, publishers with electronic content must inform visitors of their sites and applications that they use cookies for storing information. Orders are also often imposed by the owner in order for the owner to obtain consent from the user.

You agree to use cookies by clicking on the appropriate box in the bottom bar that appears on our site. You can also enable and disable cookies directly in your web browser settings (including third-party cookies). See your browser's help for the exact steps.

What's it for?

Cookies are used for traffic analyzes and for statistical evaluation of the use of services and content on the web. Information from cookies is also collected by social networking partners. Advertisers use cookies to customize and target advertisements to users.

Advertiser features include, for example:
Remarketing, Google Display Network display reports, demographic and interest reports in Google Analytics. One of such partners that collects information is Google. How to handle the data provided can be found HERE.

What are cookies?

These are short text files created by the www server and stored on a computer through a browser. When you return to the same site later, the browser sends the saved cookie back, and the server gets all the information you have previously saved.