Wellness and massagesHotelu U Zlatého kohouta

A unique relaxation wellness center with friendly atmosphere. Includes a Finnish sauna (approx. for 4 persons) and a whirlpool for two persons. Further, we offer a variety of both traditional and exotic massages. The modern wellness center of the U Zlatého kohouta hotel is a unique relaxation center with friendly atmosphere, where you put away all every-day worries, close your eyes and relax untroubled. Included is a Finnish sauna (approx. for 4 persons). In the evening, the wellness center is lit by tea candles and its peaceful atmosphere is complemented by pleasant relaxing music. Further, we offer a variety of both traditional and exotic massages.

Wellness price list

10.00 - 15.00 hod.500 CZK
15.00 - 20.00 hod.650 CZK

Massage price list

Classic massage
30 min.340 CZK
60 min.440 CZK
90 min.580 CZK
Hawaiian massage
60 min.530 CZK
Lymphatic Massage (Feet)
60 min.640 CZK

Whirlpoolpleasant for tired muscles and joints

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It is designed for two persons maximum. The water temperature around 38 degrees is inviting for sore muscles and joints. It is equipped with side, rear jets and bottom swirl-jets. The hydro-massage bath is a relaxing equipment working on the principle of hydrotherapy and combines underwater air massage with water-stream massage. Beside relaxing muscles, hydrotherapy also relieves stress and boosts overall immunity. A proven positive effect is also the decreasing of body weight, shaping the figure and smoothing out cellulite. It stabilizes blood pressure, increases blood supply in tissue and causes overall treatment, strengthens blood circulation and cardiovascular system and prevents occurrence of civilization diseases.

Finnish saunaone of the oldest relaxation and regeneration methods

wellness sauna 02
Sauna is one of the oldest relaxing and regeneration methods. Warming the body up over its normal temperature is very pleasant and relieving. Spending time in a wood-furnished room calms and relaxes muscles, warms up the body and washes out toxins. It also has a beneficial effect on the mental aspect, helps against stress, because it releases endorphins. Sauna has a great effect on calmer activity of heart, relaxing air passages, mitigating pain in joints and muscles.

The body is strongly oxidized, pores and blood vessels widen, which means better breathing of skin and supply of blood to limbs. Regular visits to sauna will produce hardiness of body and higher resistance to infections. Sauna also has a very positive cosmetic effect, it enhances smoothness of skin and its fresh look. Finnish sauna is for approx. 4 persons. The common rule is that we enter sauna naked, which is the best for washing out toxins from the body. The recommended time for sauna is about 15 minutes, for children about 5-10 minutes.

The temperature in the Finnish sauna reaches up to 90 °C and air humidity up to 75 %. Thanks to strong sweating, all harmful matters are washed out and all water is drained away. That is why we’ve prepared a hydration program for you.

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